3D Face Mask Bracket Silicone Inner Support Frame For Breath Support


Non-toxic silicone material construction
Breathable design
Keeps your makeup in the perfect condition
Washable and reusable
Fits both adults and kids
Enhances the life of the mask


Masks have become an essential part of our lives in 2020 but it has brought some problems with it. This 3D Mask bracket silicone inner frame solves that. It allows the wearer to breathe freely and reduces the chances of lipstick and saliva stains on the masks.

What you will get:

Non-toxic, latex-free silicone material: The material used for the construction is not hazardous to health in any way.
Advantages: The breathable design allows you to wear the mask without suffocation; it keeps your lipstick perfected; it keeps saliva and sweat away from the mask; it prevents mist on the glasses.
Enhances the life of the mask: Because the 3d mask support bracket keeps the mask away from your mouth, it enhances the life of the mask itself ultimately.
Washable: Wash the support frame every second day to be completely sanitized.

How to insert:

The bracket contains downward hooks on the sides.
Insert those hooks in the pallets of the mask and you are done.

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